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  • Delicious Dance video collection

    45 videos  |   Buy $39

    These dance workouts are the perfect introduction to Body Groove! You'll get 36 amazing workouts, each between 4-9 minutes, organized into 6 full-body workouts. You'll get more strength, endurance, flexibility, balance - and have SO MUCH FUN!

  • Classic Grooves

    34 videos  |   Buy $29

    Is it just me, or has music on the radio these days gotten a little bit...boring?

    At the risk of being called “old-fashioned”...I’ve always found myself drawn to more “classic” music style, from big-band swing to funky disco tunes.

    So for my latest collection of Body Groove workouts, I worked w...

  • Gentle Groovy Yoga & Pilates

    10 videos  |   Buy $34

    There's no question that Yoga and Pilates workouts can help get your body get strong and flexible. But ordinary Yoga and Pilates workouts are hard to follow, even for experienced experts.

    So this collection brings the Body Groove workout philosophy to Yoga and Pilates, with short workout videos ...

  • House Party 2
    22 videos  |   Buy $29

    House Party 2

    22 videos  |   Buy $29

    Get ready to feel amazing while you workout! This workout collection features 21 dance routines.