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  • Body Groove Jumpstart Collection

    5 videos  |   Buy $39

    The Jumpstart Collection is the fastest and easiest way to get started enjoying Body Groove! You'll get 28 different Body Groove routines arranged into 5 fantastic full body workouts.

    This collection combines the best of the best from 5 of my most popular workout collections, including Delicious...

  • Delicious Dance video collection

    42 videos  |   Buy $39

    The Delicious Dance collection features 32 fun dance routines combined into 5 full-length workouts.

  • Dance Your Heart Out video collection

    35 videos  |   Buy $39

    The Dance Your Heart Out video collection features 30 dance routines in 5 workouts, plus a special self-care session.

  • Young at Heart video collection

    25 videos  |   Buy $29

    YOUNG at HEART was inspired by two of my very best friends, Roger and Yvonne Puckett.

    Roger and Yvonne, from New York City, have been dancing their entire lives... and they'll tell you it's been the secret to their youthfulness.

    Both in their 80's, Roger and Yvonne are the epitome of youthf...