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Body Groove Membership

Get access to all your favorite Body Groove videos, plus frequent updates and live sessions!

  • Joyful Exercise

    3 Videos

  • Gentle Groovy Pilates

    6 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 30

    1 Video

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 29

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 28

    3 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 27

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 26

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 25

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 24

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 23

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 22

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 21

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 20

    1 Video

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 19

    3 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 18

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 17

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 16

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 15

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 14

    2 Videos

  • 30 Day Challenge - Day 13

    2 Videos

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  1. Joyful Exercise

    3 Videos

  2. Gentle Groovy Pilates

    6 Videos

  3. 30 Day Challenge - Day 30

    1 Video

    Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of your 30-day Groove Challenge!

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and being with me these last 30 days. I know there have been days where it’s been hard and you might have wanted to give up. There have been aches and pain, and a few tears along the way, but also some tears of joy, too.

    I hope that you’ve gained so much through this process and that you’re going to move for...

  4. 30 Day Challenge - Day 29

    2 Videos

    As you near the completion of your 30-day Groove challenge my hope is that you don’t look at this as the end of your journey. Rather, it’s just the beginning.

    You were born to be great and to have an amazing life, but as you know, you’re the only one who can make your life amazing. No one can do it for you.

    Today I want you to reflect on the things that you’ll need to do everyday in order to make your life the best it can be. What practices w...

  5. 30 Day Challenge - Day 28

    3 Videos

    Today, let’s dance and have fun. That’s all I want you to do.

    However, as you dance with me will you do one thing? Will you forget about all the other things you’ve got going in your life that might be weighing on you? I know it can be hard, but will you put those things aside for a while and just focus on dancing with me? Will you dance with me today for the joy on dancing?

    Forget about things like... I need to drop more weight, and I need...

  6. 30 Day Challenge - Day 27

    2 Videos

    I want you to finish this sentence, “What would your life look like if.....?”

    Answering this question is what I want you to explore today. And here’s the really cool part, you get to go wild with how you answer this. That’s right. Because you were born to thrive, today you’re going to get a beautiful taste of just how delicious your life can be.

    Here’s what you MUST DO! You must think and dream BIG. Use your beautiful imagination to see what...

  7. 30 Day Challenge - Day 26

    2 Videos

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about a lot of important things, and now it’s time to put them into practice.

    We’ve focused on a lot of things and introduced you to the Groove Truths. Now, while I want you to apply these truths to every area of your life, the first and perhaps easiest place to apply them is when you dance.

    So, as you’re dancing today – and always - I want you to keep these truths in mind,

    • You can’t get this wrong...

  8. 30 Day Challenge - Day 25

    2 Videos

    Congratulations! You’ve nearly completed your 30-Day Groove Discovery Challenge. There’s just a few more days to go and I’m really excited to finish strong with you.

    Now, there’s still one very important truth that I have to share with you, and this one is the key to them all.

    Imagine for a second if you owned a really expensive sports car, like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. What if when you drove this car that you never took it out of first g...

  9. 30 Day Challenge - Day 24

    2 Videos

    Let me start today by asking you.... how was meeting your future self like? Did you give yourself some amazing advice?

    Today, we have a very special Discover Your Groove Workshop session for you where you’ll be able to implement all this advice into your life.

    As we talk about in our session today, it’s VITALY important to feel what your future is like.
    The more that you can SENSE what it feels like to live YOUR delicious life, the more you...

  10. 30 Day Challenge - Day 23

    2 Videos

    Have you ever imagined being able to go back to your younger self and give them some advice? I have. Many times.

    I think about the person who I used to be and want to go back to her and tell her that she doesn’t have to abuse herself. That she’s loved. That she’s perfect just the way she is. I’d like to tell her about all the amazing things she’ll accomplish and to inspire her with confidence and self-assurance. Most of all, I’d like to tell her...

  11. 30 Day Challenge - Day 22

    2 Videos

    Think about the three people in your life who need you the most. Who comes to mind? A spouse? Partner? Child? Parent? Colleague? Friend?

    Believe it or not, all these people need you to be more SELFISH!

    Here’s what I mean…When you take the time to actually take great care of yourself - even when that feels “selfish” - the people who depend on you benefit. A stronger, healthier YOU is better for everyone!

    One area where I’d like to help you ...

  12. 30 Day Challenge - Day 21

    2 Videos

    The classic fairy tales all seem to have the same underlying story: Sweet young girl gets caught up in some terrible situation, and a knight/prince/hero swoops in to rescue her.

    They’re just fairy tales, yet, we often live our lives as if they were true, don’t we? We feel trapped in some prison of unhappiness, but we sit and wait for our rescuer to burst through the door and save us.

    Well in today’s workshop, I have some good news and some b...

  13. 30 Day Challenge - Day 20

    1 Video

    We’ve now covered the first three Groove Truths...

    1. You are Unique
    2. No One Cares What You Look Like
    3. Your Way is the right way

    It’s time to put them into practice.

    Embracing these Groove Truths is a roadmap to finding your true health and happiness, and I so want you to experience this for yourself. However, no one can do it for you. You’ve got to be the one to put everything into practice, and it will take practice. That’s becau...

  14. 30 Day Challenge - Day 19

    3 Videos

    Are you ready to push some boundaries? I’m talking where you really let loose and discover things about your body and yourself that haven’t really explored yet. Today’s workshop lesson – which is also your workout – is going to help you do this.

    I warn you though; you can only truly discover these things about yourself when you embrace the idea that Your Way is the Right Way.

    Do not let fear restrict you!!!

    As you’ll see in the session, d...

  15. 30 Day Challenge - Day 18

    2 Videos

    For the longest time I used to beat myself up with exercise. I fell for the NO-PAIN, NO-GAIN lie that had me punishing my body in order to look and feel better. When I got home at night after teaching these types of fitness classes, I would collapse onto my bed, barely able to move because of the pain in my body.

    Today, even though I’m nearly 50, I’m virtually pain free. In today’s workshop session, we’ll talk about the one change that has made ...

  16. 30 Day Challenge - Day 17

    2 Videos

    Advertisers can’t sell us things unless they can convince us that we have a problem that can be solved by buying their product so they bombard us with messages that convince us that we are broken.

    Think about the typical “fitness” infomercial. A big percentage of the air time is devoted to showing you footage of wildly unrealistic “fitness models”. Why? To show you what’s possible when you spend $2,500 on a home gym? No - those models didn’t st...

  17. 30 Day Challenge - Day 16

    2 Videos

    These last couple of days we’ve talked about the first 2 Groove truths...

    1. No one cares what you look like
    2. You are unique

    These truths serve as the foundation for you learning to love yourself.

    When you stop worrying about what others think and embrace your own uniqueness, that’s when the magic can really happen. While these truths are easy to talk about, they’re actually more difficult to put into practice but that’s why we dance. ...

  18. 30 Day Challenge - Day 15

    2 Videos

    For years, I made a HUGE mistake. I was SURE that everyone was constantly looking at me. I was so 100% CONVINCED that everyone around me was judging me that I spent my whole life doing everything for other people’s approval. The clothes I wore, the car I drove, the area I lived in, even my job.

    Everything about my life was done to keep up a certain “acceptable” appearance. In fact, my whole sense of importance and self-worth was dependent on ma...

  19. 30 Day Challenge - Day 14

    2 Videos

    We’ve been talking a lot lately about the things that make you special and unique.

    If you don’t know by now... please allow me to remind how much of an amazing person you are.

    You have so many gifts that make you special and today it’s time for you to recognize how these unique gifts can bless your life and the life of the people around you.

    But you’re going to need your pen and paper as today’s workshop is going to require some writing...

  20. 30 Day Challenge - Day 13

    2 Videos

    Before you go through today’s workshop, you’re going to need a simple handheld mirror. Or, you’ll need to be in front of a mirror. You’ll know why soon.

    I’m really excited to introduce you to some truths that are the foundation of the entire Body Groove Movement.

    The first truth is: YOU ARE A UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL
    Even though there are nearly seven billion people in the world, no two people are exactly the same. While we share many characterist...

  21. 30 Day Challenge - Day 12

    1 Video

    Before we get started today, I want you to do two things: First, make sure you are alone. You’ll see why in a minute. Second, I want you to remember that YOU CANNOT GET THIS WRONG!

    Got it? Let’s dive in.

    This exercise is all I want you to do today. Tomorrow, we’ll get back to more challenging workouts.

    As you go about your day today, I want you to give yourself permission to feel amazing. That will mean something diffe...

  22. 30 Day Challenge - Day 11

    2 Videos

    Imagine if it were actually IMPOSSIBLE to have negative thoughts about yourself?

    Imagine, for example, that when you looked in the mirror, you could only see yourself positively instead of finding fault?

    Imagine if every time you danced, you felt like the greatest dancer in the world, no matter how you moved?

    Imagine if you examined your life and only saw the ways you’re making progress towards improvement?

    Do you think that without a...

  23. 30 Day Challenge - Day 10

    2 Videos

    Welcome back.

    You know, back on day 7 we started to talk a little about loving yourself and how that can be hard. We started with a simple exercise to have you treat yourself like you would treat your best friend.

    Today, we're going to take this exercise further.

    I’ve come to learn that many of the women I work with struggle to not only love themselves, but to even grasp what “loving yourself” would look like.

    Right now, in this very ...

  24. 30 Day Challenge - Day 9

    2 Videos

    Welcome back to your Body Groove 30 Day Discovery Challenge!

    Right now you’re on Day 9 and I want to make one thing crystal clear before we go on.

    Wherever you’re at with the challenge, whether you’ve done every single one, missed a few, or are even just getting started today, it’s all PERFECT just the way it is!

    Judging yourself and comparing yourself to “what could’ve been” will do you no good. In fact, it’ll reverse or delay any progre...

  25. 30 Day Challenge - Day 8

    1 Video

    For today’s 30 Day Challenge coaching session, I want you to take a break. Take a break from introspection. Take a break from journaling. As for your groove today, I want you to give your body a very relaxing floor workout from Mindful Movement.

    Relaxation and stillness aren’t always as easy as they look so it'll be great to do something that you probably don't always do, but definitely should.

    Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how we can harness t...

  26. 30 Day Challenge - Day 7

    2 Videos

    Yesterday we talked about how you weren’t born to hate yourself and that you should love yourself instead. Well, that can be easier said than done.

    If you’re struggling with loving and valuing yourself, then today's challenge is especially for you. When you watch today's video, you'll understand what I’m talking about. So, watch right now and then come back.


    So often, when people tell you to love yourself, that sort of ...

  27. 30 Day Challenge - Day 6

    2 Videos

    Welcome back to Day 6 of your 30 Day Body Groove Discover Challenge!

    Congrats on making it through so far. It’s nearly been a week! There truly is magic in momentum, so stay the course and watch what unfolds as you simply fall in love with this daily process!

    In today’s workshop lesson, I share with you about my 16-year battle with bulimia. Hold tight because today we’re going DEEP. I do this because even though my story isn't pretty, I know ...

  28. 30 Day Challenge - Day 5

    2 Videos

    Welcome back to Day 5 of your 30 Day Body Groove Discovery Challenge!

    As a fitness trainer, I was constantly telling my students and clients “No pain, no gain”. It’s not that I was trying to deceive people. At the time I wholeheartedly believed that in order to get healthy, I needed to punish my body until it hurt. I was convinced that this was universally true for everyone. Perhaps you’ve heard that line before? The fact is, pain is your body’s...

  29. 30 Day Challenge - Day 4

    2 Videos

    Welcome back to Day 4 of your 30 Day Body Groove Discovery Challenge!

    Today we’re going to talk about the amazing healing power of dance. But first, we need to talk about how you are currently coping with stress and anxiety. They’re an unavoidable fact of life. Certainly, there are lots of things we can and should do to reduce the stress in our lives, but we can never get rid of it completely.

    The REAL question is...what are you going to do ...

  30. 30 Day Challenge - Day 3

    1 Video

    Welcome back to Day 3 of your 30 Day Body Groove Discovery Challenge!

    For today’s coaching session, we’re simply going to dance to a variety of routines from the Body Groove collection, but one in particular. It’s called Guilt and it’s from my House Party video collection. This special routine is a great workout that will do wonders for your strength and flexibility, but there’s also a hidden challenge in it. In this workout, I specifically ask ...

  31. 30 Day Challenge - Day 2

    3 Videos

    Welcome back to Day 2 of your 30 Day Body Groove Discovery Challenge!

    I hope you had the chance to think about yesterday's activity and to write down the things in your life that you’d like to work on.

    Today, we’re going to talk about the importance AND the limitations of coaches, advisors and mentors. Before we watch today’s workshop videos, let’s talk about the vital importance of having coaches in your life.

    Like many of you, I enjoy wa...

  32. 30 Day Challenge - Day 1

    2 Videos

    Today’s workshop exercise is an assessment of your current life situation.

    I want you to spend some time asking yourself the same question I asked myself, ”Is this as good as it gets?”

    I’m guessing that you can immediately see some areas of your life where you feel things could be better. But don’t rush this exercise...spend as much time as you need to think about things in your life that could be better. (I recommend writing down what comes ...

  33. Discover Your Groove Module 10

    6 Videos

  34. Discover Your Groove Module 9

    2 Videos

  35. Discover Your Groove Module 8

    2 Videos

  36. Discover Your Groove Module 7

    4 Videos

  37. Discover Your Groove Module 6

    3 Videos

  38. Discover Your Groove Module 5

    3 Videos

  39. Discover Your Groove Module 4

    3 Videos

  40. Discover Your Groove Module 3

    3 Videos

  41. Discover Your Groove Module 2

    3 Videos

  42. Discover Your Groove Module 1

    4 Videos

  43. Gentle Groovy Yoga

    4 Videos

  44. House Party

    24 Videos

    To create these workouts, I worked with some of my favorite music producers to create brand new music that will absolutely make you want to get up and dance.

    Then, I invited a handful of friends over for a dance party - friends of all shapes and sizes who have one thing in common: they hate to "workout" but they love to dance!

  45. Free Previews

    6 Videos

  46. Body Groove Fit

    25 Videos

  47. Delicious Dance Collection

    42 Videos

    Delicious Dance is a great introduction to Body Groove. If you've never tried it before, I recommend starting with Series 1.

  48. ...and much more!