30 Day Challenge - Day 22

30 Day Challenge - Day 22

Think about the three people in your life who need you the most. Who comes to mind? A spouse? Partner? Child? Parent? Colleague? Friend?

Believe it or not, all these people need you to be more SELFISH!

Here’s what I mean…When you take the time to actually take great care of yourself - even when that feels “selfish” - the people who depend on you benefit. A stronger, healthier YOU is better for everyone!

One area where I’d like to help you think about applying this is in your eating. I want you to EAT more selfishly. When we neglect ourselves, we often fall into the trap of just grabbing whatever food is easy and fast but we can do so much better if we’re just a little “selfish”!

Take the time to shop for real food that actually makes you feel good. Search out ingredients that you LOVE and that love you back!

Does it feel selfish to spend $5 on a big package of blueberries when a drive-thru burger is half the price? Maybe. But I want you to push yourself into that “selfish” zone and see what happens.

And of course, part of being “healthy selfish” is taking some time from your day to Groove. So, Let’s Groove!

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30 Day Challenge - Day 22