30 Day Challenge - Day 19

30 Day Challenge - Day 19

Are you ready to push some boundaries? I’m talking where you really let loose and discover things about your body and yourself that haven’t really explored yet. Today’s workshop lesson – which is also your workout – is going to help you do this.

I warn you though; you can only truly discover these things about yourself when you embrace the idea that Your Way is the Right Way.

Do not let fear restrict you!!!

As you’ll see in the session, dancing your way is the most delicious way to move.

The challenge is to now apply this important truth – that your way is the right way - to EVERY area of your life.

Where are you struggling right now because you’re trying to mimic someone else?

Where have you been trapped in a “follow-the-leader” dead-end?

Write down some ways you can apply this truth to the rest of your life, and BREAK FREE of those constraints!

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30 Day Challenge - Day 19