30 Day Challenge - Day 18

30 Day Challenge - Day 18

For the longest time I used to beat myself up with exercise. I fell for the NO-PAIN, NO-GAIN lie that had me punishing my body in order to look and feel better. When I got home at night after teaching these types of fitness classes, I would collapse onto my bed, barely able to move because of the pain in my body.

Today, even though I’m nearly 50, I’m virtually pain free. In today’s workshop session, we’ll talk about the one change that has made all the difference. Honoring my body and what it really needed, making that commitment to myself was powerful because no one was going to do it for me. I had to take responsibility and give myself permission to feel good, to be kinder to myself and take responsibility for my own wellness and happiness.

You don't need to kill yourself to feel good or to see results. In fact, when I started moving my body in a more gently that's when I actually lost the weight that I'd been carrying around for so many years, and it was effortless.
Watch this video as I talk a little more about the need to treat your body with love and kindness especially when it comes to exercise.

Today’s Challenge:
I want you to think about the areas in your life that you can be nicer to yourself. Exercise can be a great start, but what about other areas? Perhaps the way you talk to yourself, the expectations you have... What areas of your life could benefit from you slowing down?

After you’ve written these down, next I want you to write what you’re going to do about these things. For example:

I am going to speak nicer to myself today.
I am going to forgive myself more easily.
I am going to treat my body with love.

You get the point.

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30 Day Challenge - Day 18